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Chihuahua cross | Spayed female

Born 10/5/11 | Weighs 10 pounds

Vaccinated | Licensed | Microchip

Peaches needs the perfect home which she would like to share with her new best friend,Xena. Immediately upon arrival in her foster she was met by another foster who took her in with love.The two have become bonded. A very adaptable sweetie she seems to go along and get along. Peaches uses the pet door and sleeps with her favorite person.

Toys seem new to her but she gets it. Peaches is enjoying her life now but that is what we are all about.

Peaches is negative for valley fever, tick fever and heartworm also has had dental.

No large dogs or small kids please.

If interested in our Peaches please complete and submit the application for adoption.

A home visit is required. There is an adoption fee  - $250