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Daisy and Huckleberry

Though it was time for an update on the puppies progress. They are completely at home now and play together beautifully. We thought at first that Daisy (Honi) would be the dominant one, but as time passes we realize that they are very evenly matched, Daisy thinks she is in charge mostly because Huckleberry is too lazy to bother, but if it is important to him like the position on a lap then he makes sure he gets what he wants in his own quiet way and Daisy usually ends up looking a bit surprised and wondering how did that happen. Daisy is the one who has changed the most from being quite timid and fearful when she first got home and a bit aggressive at times, she has turned into a very loving very happy little girl, who cuddles in her own way. She terrifies us at times the way she leaps literally from the door to the lap in a single bound, she is truly amazing.

She still has her moments, my Daughter brought her service animal home last weekend for the first time since they arrived. This is a big baby very well trained but also very playful when her service jacket is removed, She was terrified of Daisy, who let her know in no uncertain terms that this was Daisy's turf and she better learn her place. Huck of course just wanted to play. Within a short time they were having fun, we watch very carefully as Psyche is 50 lbs. and although she is gentle she could hurt one of them by accident, but she was so very careful with them it was as if she knew she had to be gentle. They did play chasing in the back yard, mostly Daisy and Huckleberry barking and Psyche running and they would chase her for a few minutes and then off they would go to lay down the law again. Huckleberry loves to chase anything that moves, moths at night, birds and any other bug that flies he never catches them but he has a ball. Daisy is learning to play, in fact this past week she has had great fun with the toys, loves to make them squeak and to fetch when we throw them for her.

Any way as you have probably gathered we are very happy with both of them. Daisy, she is so full of spunk and even when she is nervous she is so brave and adventurous, Huckleberry is by far the laziest dog I have ever known, he would lay on anyone's lap all day and night if you let him.

They are both eating well and are healthy, they had their first grooming a few weeks ago (we had a mobile groomer come to the house) she said they were both wonderful although Huck did not like getting his nails trimmed.