Small Dog Rescue



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Terrier Mix | Neutered male

Born 4/6/2014 | Weighs 7 pounds

Vaccinated | Licensed | Microchip

This is the cutest little boy ever to join this foster group. He came to us from MCACC, the pound. We have no idea what his history is but he was terrified of everyone and everything. I would think his life was difficult.

It took awhile but he decided this was a safe place and he could join in the fun. He used the pet door and enjoyed sitting outside in the sun with his friends. He is still leery of hands coming toward him but he does enjoy pets once he feels safe.

Baths are not his favorite thing but does like the blow dry.

He would like a home where he could be able to adjust at a slow pace. Gentle and positive handling is always the way to reassure these babies that people are nice.

His bestie is a 3# Chihuahua girl so a small dog in the home would be nice but absolutely no kids of any age.

If interested in our McGee please complete and submit the application for adoption.
We are in the Phoenix area.

A home visit is required. There is an adoption fee  - $400